During the warranty period, the manufacturer/seller will replace or repair the components and parts of the bike if it turns out that they have a material defect and/or a defect due to the fault of the manufacturer, provided that the product is used correctly and that there are no signs of mechanical damage. In this case, at the discretion of the manufacturer/seller, the bike will be exchanged for a quality product or repaired under warranty. 

WELT offers its customers a lifetime warranty on frames and forks from the date of purchase.

The warranty period for the spare parts and the transmission sold is 6 months from the date of purchase. 

If the warranty card does not bear the date of sale, the seller's stamp and the buyer's signature, no claim will be accepted. Components and bicycles sold in accordance with the legal provisions (see point 2) cannot be repaired or replaced under the warranty in the following cases : 

- the normal and natural wear of the parts ;

- the consequences of a fall, an accident or a road accident ;

- the use not in accordance with the intended use ;

- careless handling resulting in a reduction in the service life or failure of the components or the bike ;

- the consequences of incorrect assembly, adjustment, repair or maintenance carried out by yourself or by persons not authorized by the manufacturer / seller to carry out maintenance or repair work. 

Chips, scratches, cracks, hollows, corrosion, paint damage and other damage caused by improper installation or careless use of components are not covered by the warranty. 

The warranty does not cover the use of components that are not compatible or not designed to work together, the use of components with other defective or worn bike components, or the use of adapters not provided by the manufacturer. 

The warranty for bicycles and components does not cover the consequences of using the bicycle in winter, at temperatures below 0 ° C or in the rain, nor the total or partial immersion of the components in water or mud. 

The warranty does not apply if the bike or the components of the bike have been used, even once, in the context of stunts, sports competitions, ramp jumps, high jumps, acrobatic exercises or other similar particularly difficult conditions of use. 

The guarantees granted to consumers do not in any way remove the responsibility of the owner to carry out regular inspections and routine maintenance, since it is up to him to monitor the technical condition and replace worn parts and components in a timely manner. 

Your bike and its various components are individually adapted to your weight, height, style, riding conditions and intensity, as well as the compatibility of the other parts and components mounted on it. The guarantee is therefore only applicable to the first owner, whose signature must appear on the warranty card. 

The shipping costs of the product are not covered by the warranty. The listed warranties begin on the day of sale and are valid only for products sold by authorized representatives of the manufacturer/seller. 

The warranty does not cover damage suffered in the event of bodily injury, injury, breakage and damage to components or other losses due to road accidents, incorrect use of components, non-compliance with assembly or maintenance instructions. 

I have read and accept the warranty conditions.