WELT is a premium-quality stylish bike precision designed to deliver a truly enjoyable riding experience. We manufacture world-class equipment while keeping our prices friendly to enable more people to enjoy cycling and explore more of our wonderful world.


The WELT trademark was created in 2012 in SkiWelt, Austria, by a team of entrepreneurs and bike enthusiasts who realized that there were virtually no beautifully designed and high-quality bikes at affordable prices in the European market . Global brands were all focused on premium and sub-premium segments leaving a large number of potential clients with no-name Chinese products or cheap mass market models sold by sporting goods retailers.


Bringing together the best practices of European designers, engineers, and marketing experts, we ordered our first line of bikes from a manufacturer in Taiwan, the global center for making bicycles, where we later set up our office. After selling more than 150,000 bikes in Eastern Europe, we decided to win the Western European market as well. To be able to deliver high-quality products to our customers in Europe, the WELT brand owner, French Sport Brand Development (SBD), launched production of our flagship models in Serbia.


The best thing about our bikes is that they give our customers what only expensive brands usually offer:

1. Design

Research shows that consumers are really into appearances: they do care about the frame color and design. That is why we offer a wide pallet of unusual appealing colors designed by a professional colorist and a rider-friendly frame design. We have noticed that buyers like to touch bikes in stores which means that tactile experience also matters. This made us choose top-grade matt paints. Flashy appearance is as important as engineering features: it won’t make you faster, but will definitely make you feel so much better!

2. European quality

For WELT, quality is the top priority. The reason we moved our production to Europe was to be able to monitor the quality of our bikes and our customers’ experience. Each part of the bike and each assembly stage has been meticulously engineered. That is what we call engineering precision, and it does make difference.

3. Customization

When choosing a bike, our customers are offered the widest possible range of options for their money. We leave compromise to our competitors.

How do we manage to keep our prices below competition? By only using proven and reasonable engineering solutions. By not experimenting on our customers. By not wasting money on advertising. By investing in product, rather than in seductive slogans. This way we make perfection affordable and let our customers do the advertising for us.😉